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11. August, 2017

Angular 4 the Journey to the top in the modern world

Angular 4 is the latest update for the Angular framework. I will not go without slight introduction for those of you who do not know yet, what Angular 4 is and its hidden enriched powers for the mobile and web development world.

Angular 4 is framework aiming mobile and web applications. This framework is actually classed as a new framework comparing to its main competitors such as React and Ember .

React was developed by the developers of Facebook and Instagram. React’s first initial release was in 2013 and Ember’s in 2011. Ember was developed by (Ember Core Team)

The differences between Angular 4 and AngularJS

It was the year 2016 when Angular first appeared in [...]

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5. April, 2016

50 Features Every Small Business Website Should Have

To create a website is not easy, not because you need to know several programming languages, but because every website must have a soul; something that makes people visit this page every day and that they never get bored. It’s not only in design, but it is one of the main success factors. The thing is, a thousand small details that make a website fast, beautiful, useful, efficient and quality. This rule goes for all types of websites, but in this article we’ll talk about features of every small business website.

Today, perhaps more than ever, every small business need to be present online. The Internet is becoming increasingly important for the promotion and [...]

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