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20. October, 2015

Top 10 Free SEO Tools For Site Optimization

Google is the world’s favorite search engine, and it stands out because it is trying to find the best sites to search. The content of your website is the most important factor in improving SEO ranking. When you write a content on the web page, keywords you choose are critical. Keywords are extremely important for SEO (search engine optimization for the Internet). With the ever-present need for the keywords, there are many tools which in its description claim that it will do keyword research better than their competitors. One of the hardest things about keyword research is the detection of relevant keywords.

There [...]

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25. September, 2015

How Site Speed Impacts Conversions

When the Internet connection is slow, you certainly do not have the nerve to search anything on the Internet. The same happens to potential visitors of your website if page loads slowly. No matter how interesting and quality information website contains visitors lose interest due to slow load or waiting for information. Research has shown that visitors are willing to wait 3-5 seconds to web page load, then lose interest and move on. Site speed is an important factor because in addition to losing potential clients and visitors, you also lose a place in the search engines, because slow websites are worse positioned. The competition is great and that is why there is no more room [...]

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