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26. July, 2017

How can Searcher Task Accomplishment help my Website rank on Google?

Searcher task accomplishment is often mentioned among the SEO experts. What is it? Yes, I know this sounds so new to each and every one of you. This is the newest ranking factor folks! Yes, you heard it right. If you want your website to be recognized and to rank on Google or the rest of the search engines, this new ranking factor is what you need.

For example, imagine you need to search for something. Something that you want to know more about.  or you need it for your project or just searching for online reviews for your next holiday or car. You searched for it and then suddenly a lot of suggestions pop up on your screen. You will now attempt to click the first to check, [...]

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9. June, 2016

Important SEO Tips To Optomise Your WordPress Posts

Where’s the fun if you have awesome portfolio and stunning theme if it’s not SEO optimized. Bing, Yahoo or Google will not care at all about your great web design and nice photos. They care more about stuff like keywords, names, alt tags and much more. If you understood them, you could achieve some kind of success. On the other hand, if you misunderstand them it could put you totally out of business. But what is SEO actually and how can it affect your traffic? It’s the improving process of attracting the quality of your audience coming to your webpage from search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing through unpaid results with search engines. If your website [...]

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25. April, 2016

How To Structure A Perfect SEO Optimized Page

When someone mentions on-page SEO, I’m quite certain you already heard many things about keywords or meta tags, probably enough for a lifetime. But for those who don’t know, what is on-page SEO actually? Well, it’s a method of optimization of your content for search engines. This includes practices of keyword placement, image usage, readability, URL optimization and many more. So, now you’re probably asking how will you build greatly optimized page? This is one tough question even for many SEO people who are already in marketing web area. There are probably hundreds of good methods on where and how to place keywords, but as everything is evolving, so [...]

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13. March, 2015

Website Optimization (SEO) – infographic

What is SEO – website optimization?

SEO – Search engine optimization consists of a series of strategies with the ultimate goal of achieving a better position in the search results (SERP) of your website by specific keywords on the Internet search engines (Google) that specifically increases number of targeted visitors to your website. The more targeted (people looking for a service or product that you offer) visitors come on your website of course the greater is the chance that the visitor will become a customer.

Why do you need website optimization?

The best and cheapest way to reach new customers and earn revenue is through website optimization. A large number of [...]

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