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28. July, 2017

16 SEO FAQs We Still Struggle to Understand

Despite the fact that SEO has now been around for years, many businesses still don’t seem to fully understand how it works and what it does. SEO could be described as the process of getting traffic from the organic search results that can be found on a search engine. For most people, this means Google. The higher up a website ranks on a search engine, the more likely it is that it will receive clicks. Research has shown that the top 5 results on search engines will get 75% of the clicks, so it is a very desirable place to be. Currently, it is an industry that is worth $65 billion and is steadily growing as more and more businesses are now going online.

On Page or [...]
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21. January, 2015

Biggest SEO myths – infographic

In this article we will write a little about several SEO myths that exist today and the ways with which you can stop wasting your precious time. As with all forms of marketing, it is important to stay up-to-date with new trends. Trends are constantly changing and what is myth today, tomorrow could become a legend, hehe. Do not believe all the SEO myths you see, understand that Internet marketing is more than just a marketing plan because the same Internet marketing has an extremely important significance for sales techniques.

As much as we would like to think that Google sees everything and immediately get us among the top search results, it is not yet possible. The problem [...]

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