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20. May, 2016

The Evolution Of The Selfie

Selfies are everywhere now a common thing. It’s really fascinating to see the trend itself since its beginnings. Early versions of selfies usually evolved from pictures you took of yourself from mirror, except it was with a flash and looked very poor and lame. Selfies that were dominating the scene were the ones that were by someone who was capable of holding camera steady in air and capturing the image of self or with more people. What really set the stage for selfies was new technology. This began when iPhone 4 was released by Apple with front faced camera which gave us total control over shooting our face. But iPhone was just the beginning. As smartphone technology [...]

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22. March, 2016

How To Take A Good Selfies – Even With Glasses

Selfies are the largest growing trend in the world, and this is not an understatement. Over 1 million selfies are taken everyday and at least 14 per cent of these are digitally enhanced. This only goes on to prove that not only are humans obsessed with their digital self portraits, they are also equally interested in getting the perfect look. An average millennial will take up to 25,700 selfies in their lifetime! All places around the world are following the selfie culture and no corner is an exception. We are all equally obsessed with clicking ourselves and continue to do so.

Taking selfies even with glasses

People who wear glasses will agree that it can be tricky to [...]

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24. August, 2015

Selfies And Their Impact On Trends & Culture

Selfie mania, a popular form of self-portrait photo, holding a cell phone in hand, is present throughout the world. Selfie has become so popular and it seems that this trend will never die. Young people around the world every day make millions of different images of this type.

Young people between 16 and 25 spend up to five hours a week for preparing for photographing, photographing and editing selfies, claims survey of company FeelUnique. Director of the company, Newby Hands, said: “It is not that we become a nation of narcissistic persons, but this is a new way to share ideas and inspiration. The act of photographing selfies is a wide phenomenon.”

On [...]

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9. July, 2015

Guide To Taking Safer Selfies

Selfies are everywhere. It’s been a long time since selfie has become a trend and a new way in which people present on the Internet. We already wrote about selfies and published selfiegraphic which you can check here. People document the visual aspects of life and share it with other people, no matter what type of selfie is. But people began to take selfies in all places, in all kinds of situations (eg,when driving), which sometimes can be potentially dangerous.

Russian government is concerned about the growing number of injured people in the attempts to create ‘selfie’. They decided to do something about it.”Cool selfie can stand you a life”, [...]

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