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21. May, 2017

A Story About ThemeForest Power Elite Author 5 Years Success Story

ThemeForest is an exclusive platform for designers and developers to grow their own personal brand and business. This article will be inside story about a ThemeRex Power Elite user on ThemeForest. The article will hopefully lead you to take that first action to your own success.

The digital industry is growing fast and I mean it. Looking at the statistics provided by EY, last year alone we have seen huge movement.

This article should be as an eye opener for those of you that still struggle to make the first step towards to become business owner. To become an exclusive WordPress theme designer or developer is a profitable market. It will be hard to understand the concept [...]

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15. June, 2014

13 Ways To Become Extraordinary Entrepreneur – Infographic

Extraordinary entrepreneur is defined as someone who knows how to create and contain harmonious relations between all parts of the operational process, whether in organization or in a different context, with the aim of guaranteeing the maximum integral result of productivity and creativity. Entrepreneur is a man who has a lot of ideas, but do not know how to make them financially successful. Twitter was founded in 2006 and is still looking for its business model. Same we could say about Facebook. Entrepreneur unlike a businessman can not concentrate long on one idea, and his way of life is dotted with a variety of activities. So, if entrepreneur doesn’t know where the money [...]

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