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24. June, 2016

2016 Security Predictions

We live in a times where cyber criminals have skills and resources along with the patience and persistence to create successful attacks on businesses, governments and consumers around the world. Hackers are turning their online crimes into large businesses while stealing private information on a big scale. Last year there were many mega breaches that affected millions of people. Sadly, there is no magic technology that can guarantee you 100% safety from crimes happening on the internet. But, if you prepare for it, you can prevent some targeted and serious attacks. So what lies ahead this year? What are biggest online threats that will target both businesses and consumers? How [...]

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27. April, 2016

How Safe Is Your PIN

People use PIN numbers in order to secure themselves. It is used in phones, credit and bank cards and many other devices. Did you know that speaking about phones, 40% of them are totally unsecured which means without any PIN number! But, let’s say that it is created, how secure and predictable is it anyway? Although we can make a strong password, it is still very vulnerable. Did you know that as soon as PIN was first introduced to the world it was cracked in around 2 weeks? There are many ways that your bank account can get compromised and result in loosing of money. This is because many banks have weak technology. Even though this is usually out of our control, [...]

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18. April, 2016

How To Create The Perfect Password

You know the drill, for each new account you have to think of secured new password. The first 2 things that people discover when creating perfect password is that they are really bad at being random and their memory can be very terrible. People in general don’t like to deal with complex problems, and same goes when creating password, as of 2016 the most common password created is still just ” 123456 ”. Just don’t do this. Hackers will exploit it by using dictionary attack. When you create password first of all, go for length. Best type of passwords are at least 8 characters long, the shorter your password, the easier is for hackers to crack it. Use any [...]

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24. March, 2016

The Psychology Of Trust On Web Sites

How trusted is your website? 1 of 4 people just don’t have trust in online organization, when it comes to their personal details and almost 50% of users are being worried about security when buying something online. If you want to have any success online it’s important to “install” trust in your visitors. They want to be sure they are not scammed by someone and that their personal details are going to be secure. So what makes people trust your website and trust you? Why you trust some website you visit? People usually don’t have confidence in websites because of too much advertising or ads in general with no unique or little content, too much [...]

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