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5. July, 2016

The Crazy Things People Search For On Google

There’s no question that Google search engine is powerful and its suggestions can be very useful, but since millions around the world are using it, if you actually pay closer attention when you write, you will see some weirdest, funniest, craziest or dumbest suggestions. People search all kinds of information and you can really discover true gems. Maybe even you searched¬†something strange on Google and asked yourself what are crazy things that people are searching. Many people go straight to Google without even bothering to ask a real person. Google knows it all from technical to generic questions, such as: “How to fix a toaster?”, or “What is the [...]

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8. April, 2016

Google SEO Ranking Factors For 2016

The algorithms of Google had gone through many changes since debut of engine back in 1998. But still, main factors that made Google large, are still the same as they were then. Original content, links and meta page titles.

Google algorithms are, you could say revolutionary in the world of search engines. The only way you could get to the top of search results of Google is having website that earned credibility in the eyes of other people and that was the real genius of Google. Even though links still remain as most important factor for raking in 2016, there are many factors that make slice of algorithm. I would like to break down most of the important ones, that you [...]

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