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5. February, 2016

The Power of Professional Resume

There is no perfect resume that will provide you job, but there are a few basic rules that must be followed. A good and professional resume should be clear but also creative in order to achieve your goal, draw the attention of the employer and provide him with information that will make him want to include you in the ‘inner circle’ and invite for an interview.

1. Truthfulness

Pay attention to the authenticity of the information you provide in your CV. False information, as well as those on which you would be embarrassed to talk during the interview, you should definitely avoid.

2. Length and objectivity

Depending on your experience, a resume [...]

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7. December, 2015

Fresh Start: Top 10 Infographic Resume Templates for 2016

Everyone knows how important the first impressions is, especially when applying for some job. Imagine that you publish some job offer and about 100 people apply for it with their resumes. Which resume will you notice first, some usual and “normal” one or some that looks different than others and more noticeable? The second one, of course. It may be different than the others but that’s exactly why it is good. It shows creativity and guarantees you that employers will notice it. That’s why it is so important to have a good resume and that’s why I made this list. To help you with creating your own resume on the right way and help you with getting a job in the future.

There are [...]

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23. August, 2015

Professional Infographic Resume Templates

Infographic resume is the trendy resume that is mostly used by college students and the graduates from a trade or college school. This is by far catching the attention of all students because of it being an eye-catching artwork.

On the part of professional hiring managers, they would suggest of infographic resume to be useful provided that it is made and designed by a graphic artist or website designer. This can even be more useful when it is linked to a conventional resume and online portfolio.

Using an infographic resume is even more important for the successful employment and career that you’ve always been dreaming of. Gone are those times that traditional resume is [...]

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4. August, 2015

Advantages of video resume

Want to make your own video resume? But what exactly is that? Video resume is a short video that will present all the qualifications, experience and interest from some worker. When you create your video resume one then you can easily edit it and adjust it to some special company or employer. Video resumes allow people to present their creativity, imagination and their personal skills to some company or employer.

Advantages of video resume

Video resume is just a modern version of traditional resumes and it makes applicants that have them stand out and be better than others. It is easier to present yourself with video resume than it is with written one. There are lots of other [...]

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