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22. June, 2016

The Truth About Lying On Resumes

It can be stressful when one decides to apply for a job, no matter how qualified that person is. If you feel like stretching the truth for a little, know that you’re not the only one. It is true that around 15% of people are actually lying on their resumes and almost 50% resumes are containing false information. Everyone wants to get that job, so it can be tempting to stretch the truth. Most resumes contain lies about their education and even their history of work. It’s not a problem when someone forgets the date he started to work but it’s bad when individuals invent some companies where they actually never worked or even worse that company actually [...]

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5. May, 2016

CV and Resume – Get It Right To Get The Job

The market for jobs is very competitive by its nature, with thousands upon thousands of candidates applying for every chance they have. This means that people who are seeking the job should focus on making their resume so good that it stands above all the rest competition. Employers have too much information and on average they will look at your resume for about 3 minutes and 14 seconds before deciding if they’re going to reject or not your application. That is true, because 20% of employers are not waiting for even that much, they will decide this in 60 seconds, or even worse they can reject someone resume before they even read it till the end. It’s really a [...]

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29. April, 2016

Worst Resume Mistakes Job Seekers Can Make

You can have all the required experience and skills and even look like the best candidate for the future role but, if you make simple sloppy errors and mistakes while writing your resume, or write it in a style that will not be noticed at all, it will in the end cost you the job. People who recruit candidates glance at resumes for about 60 seconds, and if there is something small like a spelling error your application could get discarded. Here are some statistics to lead you in text. Even though recruiters spend about a minute to form an opinion about you, they read it for an average of 3.15 minutes. Out of 5 recruiters, 1 of them will eventually reject someone before even [...]

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12. April, 2016

Top 10 Awesome & Creative Resume Templates for Spring 2016

New research shows that employers spend about 6 seconds reading your resume. Overcrowded inbox and the fast, modern way of life requires a short, clear and accurate information on resume. A well-written document can increase your chances of progress in the procedure, while also, poorly written resume can disqualify you and seize your opportunity to personally present employer.

The basic rules of good resume still apply:

must comply with a request for a job must include the specific skills, knowledge and experience required in the job description must include achievements and not just job descriptions must be clear because unfortunately gets an average of 6 seconds of [...]
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