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3. June, 2017

How To Write Effective Professional Resume With Your Skills

How to write effective professional resume was the question, I asked myself when I graduated. Do not worry, I have been there where you stand today. If you are reading this article keep reading, because I am here to help you land this perfect dream job.


Employers do want applicants who match the exact job criteria according to the resumes submitted by all the applicants for a particular job. Writing effective and professional CV requires time and effort and if you are not in a mood and frustrated by all the rejections you received. Do not panic if you have not received a lot of rejections and not even one phone call for an interview. This only means it is time to [...]

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12. April, 2016

Top 10 Awesome & Creative Resume Templates for Spring 2016

New research shows that employers spend about 6 seconds reading your resume. Overcrowded inbox and the fast, modern way of life requires a short, clear and accurate information on resume. A well-written document can increase your chances of progress in the procedure, while also, poorly written resume can disqualify you and seize your opportunity to personally present employer.

The basic rules of good resume still apply:

must comply with a request for a job must include the specific skills, knowledge and experience required in the job description must include achievements and not just job descriptions must be clear because unfortunately gets an average of 6 seconds of [...]
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11. November, 2014

Most popular keynote resume templates

The most creative reume you’ve ever seen, can be yours too. Simply create your digital presentation. Who remembers resume in the form of short stories or essays? And how many of you use today Europass? In the not too distant future,  “analog” reumes will not be in use anymore, and digital reumes will take over.

Original and creative resumes are suitable for people looking for jobs in which creativity is an integral part of the job. However, this does not mean that all others must be judged on a white background and black letters. A resume is a basic document that you send in the search for a new job. It is important to be clear, grammatically correct … [...]

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10. October, 2014

Most Popular Infographic Resume Templates

A resume is a basic document that you send in the search for a new job. It is important to be clear, spelled correct … and interesting. While designers and developers are very creative people but their resumes usually do not differ much from each other.

In the difficult times in which it is necessary to work a bit on creative ways to attract the attention of the employer. Increasingly, this is done in the form of a infographic resume. It is a resume that demonstrates creativity, experience, achievements and personality at once. The problem with these biographies can occur only when your creativity to someone just might be ‘too much’. Generally this kind of [...]

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