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2. February, 2016

How to Write a Good Business Proposal + Top 5 Best Templates

Business proposal is a main mode of communication for every entrepreneur, no matter how big or small his company is. In most cases, the business proposal is the first contact of a potential client with you and your services or products. Some entrepreneurs spend hours writing and perfecting its proposals and again they don’t get a job. Other write it in just a few minutes and easily win the client. How do they do it? Simply, they have recognized what distinguishes good and bad proposal.

What makes a good business proposal?

First of all we should define what is business proposal. It is a written document that provides specific products or services to potential customers or [...]

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9. October, 2015

Choose The Right Business Proposal Template

If you have just started a career as a freelancer, you will soon discover that the online sites, such as UpWork, require from you to submit a proposal for a specific job. The bidding process is very competitive, and the best written offer is not always guarantee that you will get the job. The other freelancers competing for the same job under the same conditions that are equal for all, and usually the provider with the most attractive proposal gets a job.

What is the business proposal?

Business proposal is a document that is intended to potential clients in order to get a particular job. It is a very specific summary of the reasons why you are qualified for the job you are [...]

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