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20. September, 2018

What is the Most Popular Programming Language?

If you are thinking about getting into programming, then the following list of most in-demand programming languages will definitely help you
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16. October, 2015

Most Popular Programming Languages in 2015

We often meet with the question what is the best programming language. Anyone who thought at least a little about this, realizes that there is no easy and definitive answer. However, analysis  made by sites for employment and salaries of programmers, may to some extent create an image which programming languages ​​are at the very top of the list of required programming languages.

Also, we all wonder which programming language we should learn first. Unfortunately, again, on this issue no one knows absolutely correct answer. If you are a developer, then it might be even more difficult to determine because there are so many things to compare. Which programming language you should [...]

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27. August, 2015

What is the Best Programming Language?

Thought about programming world and decided to join it? Well welcome. It is very hard to make a name for yourself out there but if you know the facts and get it right then you can earn some good money and enjoy your work. The hardest part, besides the actual learning of the language, is choosing the language you want to work with. There are lots of programming languages and we created this article to help you pick the right one. First of all, you must decide the programming field you want to work in. Here are the basic categories:

Web Development – if you want to work in web development programming languages that should help you are: PHP, C, JavaScript, C++, Java, Python and [...]
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20. August, 2015

The History of Java Programming Language

Java is an object oriented programming language developed by James Gosling, Patrick Naughton and other developers at Sun Microsystems. Development began in 1991, as part of the project Green, and was published in November in 1995.

The big advantage compared to most of previous programming languages ​​is that programs written in Java can run without modification on all operating systems for which there is a JVM (Java Virtual Machine), for the classic example programs written in C, it is necessary to adapt the platform (operating system) that is running a program.

A rich set of classes for working with network communications at one time Java was the best choice for a wide [...]

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