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7. January, 2017

15 Evergreen Work-Inspiring Strategies for Every Business Environment

Have you ever wondered what strategies for increasing business productivity would work thirty years ago and which ones will be valid thirty years from now? As the technological development is exercising higher influence over the labor market, we‘re witnessing the increased variety of professions and work conditions. Faced with those new challenges, employees from different fields of work share the same type of work-related issues. What they all need are some general motivational strategies that will help them overcome their emerging difficulties. Here’s a broad array of never-wilting ideas that can ensure long-lasting motivation, as well as private and professional [...]

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17. March, 2016

20 Apps That Will Keep You More Productive At Home

You’ve probably heard this before: “work smarter and not harder”, don’t waste your time. There are many tips on how to be more productive. But there isn’t magic solution that will just give it to you. It really depends on how you are processing information and who you are. How you do the things and what do you do. Productivity apps can help you to automate many aspects of your everyday life , so it leaves you more time to do hard work which needs your total focus and creativity. If you succeed in collecting right productivity apps, you can get more work done with efficiency at your fingertips. A lot of people talk about productivity and are [...]

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6. May, 2015

TOP 20 Productivity Apps To Keep You Organized

‘Multitasking’ and time management are very desirable in the business world. And have to be. Because with all business and private obligations we deal with on a daily basis, without good organization everything would fall into the water. But sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we just do not know where to start from all the amount of work and tasks that await us. Add to that the noisy environment in which is difficult to concentrate or overwhelming information that we receive in the ‘Inbox’ or from social networks, it is clear how easily we can lose in everything.

However, most people own a smartphone, so life can be even easier. We can [...]

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