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20. January, 2016

Successful Product Presentation With Amazing Powerpoint Templates

You can have the best product in the world but if its presentation is poor, the effort is futile. People are visual beings. Although we do not like to admit it, we judge based on looks. To our visual mind the process of creating sympathy for something is identical in terms of product presentation.

How often did you see a brochure, catalog, flyer or seen a presentation where there is very briefly explained what kind of service it offers or with blurry images of a product. Perhaps you were angry at the bad grammar and spelling, or you were disappointed with “stingy” copywriting.

It’s hard to explain to all parties that it is something crucial to attract [...]

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30. September, 2015

3D printing – from idea to product in a few minutes

If the first industrial revolution began the invention of the steam engine, and the second using oil and electricity, then we can say that the third began a few years ago when on the market appeared the first 3D printers.

3D printing or additive manufacturing technology is actually a very easy way to quickly create an object that you previously created in a specialized program on your computer. Although it sounds like rocket science, in fact it is very simple, and its application is already found in a number of areas – from medicine to automotive industry up to art and fashion.

3D printers have been with us since the eighties of the last century. They were used by [...]

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