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5. February, 2016

Is Complete Online Privacy Possible?

It’s true that for most people, separating internet from their daily lives seems almost impossible to do. It’s a giant ocean for many information and people are depending more and more, reaching out online every time they want some knowledge, be it for entertainment purposes, socializing or something else. But when surfing online probably 90% of the people would choose to have their privacy without displaying personal information. Most consumers are leaving large footprints in virtual world. So the question is, can you really be anonymous on web? Lot of Facebook users are posting everyday activity on their profile page, and I don’t know if you were aware, [...]

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13. July, 2015

Top 10 Security and Privacy Features of Office 365

How sure are you that the amount of emails you receive per day has no viruses? Office 365 gives you the security because they always have the latest anti-virus program for safe use of mail. Microsoft Office 365 includes all the functionality of the well-known Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, but with a number of improvements. How Office 365 is recognized by the users, shows the fact that the last version was downloaded millions of times, or once each second in the first hundred days of the publication.

Compared to the classic Microsoft Office, Office 365 is based on the cloud which means that you can additionally:

create, edit and view documents [...]
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