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27. June, 2016

Top 10 Creative Flat PowerPoint Templates

Flat design is continues to be in focus with, of course, “material” design presented by Google in June 2014 and today almost all talking about it. So, should you still consider it? Of course! Even Google itself changed its logo, exactly along the lines of “flat” design.

Creating a nice PowerPoint template can be easy but creating one that will really make an impression with people that are listening to you can be pretty hard. That’s why we decided to help you with that and make a list of 10 creative flat PowerPoint templates. Using flat elements in presentation can really increase its effectiveness with people. Flat design can be defined as a [...]

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1. June, 2016

Speaking Habits That Will Make You Sound Smarter

Many people have feeling of a panic when they speaking in the public. The lights, the crowd, it’s sometimes tough to deal with all that. In today’s business world where competition is big, it’s not enough to be just smart. You have to be able to make other people agree with what you’re saying. There are 4 types of speakers in a world of business. Coherent speakers are people who can talk about opinions and facts but they don’t actually say anything that’s memorable for audience. On the other side there are also incoherent speakers that are using jargon when talking and most of the things they talk are considered only interesting to them and [...]

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26. May, 2016

Presentation Design Hacks

There are lots of ways to improve presentation. People are using presentations for work, school and almost anything else. Yet, so many of them don’t know how to make it looking good. So, if you ever wonder how can you improve skills and create beautiful PowerPoint presentations here are some of the tips you could use. It’s no surprise that great looking images and presentations are going hand to hand. Not so long ago, it was more harder to find images with high resolution, but today it’s so much easier with many webpages that are popping all time. If you really wish to save yourself all that precious time searching for images don’t look no further than [...]

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19. April, 2016

How To Memorize A Speech

Like most of people, when you think about going up on stage and speaking in front of crowd, it gives you jitters and totally breaks your composure. Maybe you even have some experience from past, but you’re just shy person. The biggest fear is that we are going to have blank face, at the same time looking over many people’s faces and ultimately forget our speech and words. But this is exactly what happens to many presenters, and they become more scared for their next speech. But there is a solution for this. You must take your time to memorize and prepare for it, if you do it properly you will not forget the lines you need to say. Putting complete speech is not [...]

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