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8. February, 2016

The Power Of Web Design

First impressions are very important when it comes to online world. It’s estimated that about 2-3 seconds is enough for visitors of your website to form some kind of opinion of your brand or business. So if you are planning opening website make sure to concentrate on good first impression. In terms of web design, think of it in a way of how packages are designed for buyers. People pay for a product but they are also influenced by overall design of package. You should focus on something that will help you powering your website. Logos, written content, navigational menus and primary images are among most important things to consider. If your website is designed poorly and [...]

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5. February, 2016

The Power of Professional Resume

There is no perfect resume that will provide you job, but there are a few basic rules that must be followed. A good and professional resume should be clear but also creative in order to achieve your goal, draw the attention of the employer and provide him with information that will make him want to include you in the ‘inner circle’ and invite for an interview.

1. Truthfulness

Pay attention to the authenticity of the information you provide in your CV. False information, as well as those on which you would be embarrassed to talk during the interview, you should definitely avoid.

2. Length and objectivity

Depending on your experience, a resume [...]

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22. January, 2016

The Next generation of Wireless Power

But first, what is wireless power?

Lets first understand the past so we can move to the future.

The true father of electricity was Nikola Tesla. He had a big idea of using Earh as a conductor of electricity. Electricity was one of the key ingredients for inventions throughout our human history. Most of the electronic stuff and devices we use today would not be possible without the existence of electric energy. Think about it, a world without computers, TV’s,  mobile phones, lights, music, freezer and other devices. Tesla wanted to set up the multiple towers around the globe so that they can give free access to wirelles energy for everyone, but Tesla soon ran into many [...]

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23. July, 2015

The Power of a Professional Resume

Numerous studies confirm that reading resume on average takes six to twenty seconds. For this reason there is no space for redundant information. How to write a professional resume is one of the most common questions of people who are looking for job. All employees need to be shown in the best light to the future employer and get the desired job. A quality and professional resume is a tool that will give them a chance for an interview and desired workplace.

What types of resumes exists?

The appearance of your resume should be tailored to the job for which you are applying, so you can clearly state the most important information to your future employer. Here are some of the [...]

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