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16. May, 2016

How To Use Pinterest For Marketing

You probably wonder how to get noticed on Pinterest since you want to use it for marketing. Pinterest is one of the most effective ways to promote online business. But why you should use exactly Pinterest for promoting business? Well, the audience is sure there! If you don’t believe me read this statistics. 33% of millennials are there, 21% of men in U.S. only are on Pinterest with 55% of women aged 18 to 55. See, those people are there no matter age number, your future audience is spending good time on Pinterest. It’s a platform that’s getting hotter each day. Pinterest is for sure not just another social network. It’s growing with rapid pace. Whether [...]

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1. February, 2016

Why Pinterest Matters to Marketing

Say hello to your new best business friend. Think again if you think Twitter and Facebook are all around best social marketing tools. Pinterest is fairly new social network site with over 70 million users but only 20 million are active ones. Interesting thing that I’d like to mention is that 80% of the users on Pinterest are females. But not just regular females, they have high income budget of over $100,000 USD. Men are starting to catch up with Pinterest too, last year the number of male users has doubled. Pinterest looks really beautiful, it’s easy, fun and eye catching.

Pinterest is becoming big tool for marketing. When you create an account on [...]

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13. October, 2015

Everything You Wanted to Know About Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual memo pad. It is a social network that is rapidly growing in the top of the most popular social network in the world. Pinterest allows users to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the Internet. So people usually use a memo pad in real life when you leave reminders, for the business strategy, when you decorate the house, organize recipes or record interesting links. In fact, people use the memo table in various ways, can be used in any profession, and can be used as a home bulletin board.

Since Pinterest is virtual memo pad, it besides allows you to create your dashboard, and the ability to browse other people’s memo boards. The [...]

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18. June, 2015

How Pinterest Drives Online Commerce

Pinterest is a visual social network that lets users preserve, organize and share images and video clips that they find on the Internet. If you’re not already familiar with Pinterest, you might be surprised by the fact that it is the largest social network after Facebook and Twitter.

This social network has 70 million users per month and achieved 25 billion page views, which is an important factor if you’re promoting your products, and also is a good way to increase traffic to your site and raise awareness about your brand. It can be your main marketing strategy, you are not even aware of how Pinterest drives online commerce.

Pinterest is designed for people [...]

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