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1. April, 2017

Learn Photoshop with Must-Knows For Beginners Skills

Whether you use it for touching up family photos or creating visual elements on your professional website, Photoshop is a powerful tool with which every tech-savvy person should be familiar. But like most powerful tools, learning how to use Photoshop can seem daunting and overwhelming to the beginner because of its sheer number of functions and features. No matter your skill level with Photoshop or what purpose it serves for you, there are some basic tricks that you should have in your repertoire to get the most out of it. Even a beginner can accomplish a lot by mastering these seven functions, which can serve as a solid base of knowledge from which you can continue to develop your [...]

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9. June, 2016

Amazing Photoshop Actions For Download

If you already know Photoshop well enough, you like it and you are satisfied with what you are able to do in it. You know a lot of things, how to change size of the image, how to sharpen and lighten, crop desired section and save the file in a safe format for the website. You’ve already figured out how it’s not a problem to do it for a single image, but when it comes to a folder with hundreds of files – it’s a problem. There are too many moves that are repeated, the question is how to shorten it? It would be desirable to record them and to repeat automatically. Photoshop is great and it has a tool called Actions. It allows us to record any action, or more of [...]

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27. January, 2016

Sketch Vs. Photoshop

Till this day, Photoshop is still number one choice when it comes to both web and mobile designs, there is no denying that. When Photoshop was made and published, it was first meant to be application only for professional photographers who could later edit their captured images, it developed to also be useful for non professionals as both as for web designers. But, it looks like days of Photoshop domination in this field field are over, because new app appeared called Sketch. Seems that Photoshop got a real threat and competition.

For long periods of time, Photoshop app has been most important and first tool for designers. They consider this as their ” hammer ” [...]

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18. May, 2015

The History Of Adobe Photoshop

In the graphic design industry, several tools are used to edit and create different types of media. One of the most widely used tool is Adobe Photoshop software. Through the growth and development of software, the importance of the program and its impact on the design community have also grown.

The History Of Photoshop

Brothers Knoll created the first version of Photoshop in 1987 which worked with gray-scale image. They later turned the program on a larger scale. In 1988 they showed a program to Adobe. Adobe bought the rights for Photoshop the same year, Thomas Knoll continued to write code for the first official release. In 1990, Adobe released Adobe Photoshop 1.0 for [...]

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