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9. June, 2016

Amazing Photoshop Actions For Download

If you already know Photoshop well enough, you like it and you are satisfied with what you are able to do in it. You know a lot of things, how to change size of the image, how to sharpen and lighten, crop desired section and save the file in a safe format for the website. You’ve already figured out how it’s not a problem to do it for a single image, but when it comes to a folder with hundreds of files – it’s a problem. There are too many moves that are repeated, the question is how to shorten it? It would be desirable to record them and to repeat automatically. Photoshop is great and it has a tool called Actions. It allows us to record any action, or more of [...]

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12. May, 2016

The Evolution Of The Camera

Among many devices we use today, cameras are playing one of  crucial roles for capturing beautiful moments in our daily life, and as we as people are emotional beings this really means much. But, it took many years to create camera that we use today, be it shoot cameras, compact point, cameras on smartphones or strong DSLR’s. It’s really interesting to see how the camera is actually developed so I will start from beginning.

The first form dates back all the way to 1500, if you would believe. It was called pinhole camera. Chinese philosopher Mozi was observing light rays that were falling down the walls in dark room through small pinhole from the other side, [...]

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31. March, 2016

The Basics of Photo Resolution

Image processing or photos is almost as old as photography itself. Ever since the birth of this profession, photographers were trying to improve their image in every possible way, even though they had been quite limited. After recording, processing was only for professionals and enthusiasts who have the time, knowledge and patience. By the photo processing, we are trying to make good picture, even better, but sometimes people just go too far. Therefore we decided to introduce beginners with the basic terms related to photo resolution, so if you are one of them, be sure to check the infographic below:

What is resolution?

Resolution is size that defines the possibility [...]

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29. March, 2016

Tips To Improve Aerial Photography With Drone

Not so long ago, drone videos had power to surprise and stun audiences around the world. Aerial photos can be really tricky to capture. Luckily you can use lots of little tricks when flying drone to make sure that taken pictures look amazing. You will probably need to take many shots and continue to practice for hours but with enough will, you can master aerial photography. There are many fundamentals to learn so you can cover all the bases. It can be hard at the beginning to tackle all this by yourself so here are some of the tips that will help you in achieving that goal. When you try to capture photo, focus on raising altitude. It is a good idea cause you can get more into [...]

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