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31. March, 2016

The Basics of Photo Resolution

Image processing or photos is almost as old as photography itself. Ever since the birth of this profession, photographers were trying to improve their image in every possible way, even though they had been quite limited. After recording, processing was only for professionals and enthusiasts who have the time, knowledge and patience. By the photo processing, we are trying to make good picture, even better, but sometimes people just go too far. Therefore we decided to introduce beginners with the basic terms related to photo resolution, so if you are one of them, be sure to check the infographic below:

What is resolution?

Resolution is size that defines the possibility [...]

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10. November, 2015

Anatomy of the Perfect Profile Photo

Profile photo is what will leave a first impression of you on the social networks. It does affect how people perceive your online presence. So do not be embarrassed to invest some effort for the better profile pic. Follow these 5 simple rules that we prepared for you and also check out the infographic below for the perfect profile photo.

Good light Photographers recommend to take a picture at the outdoors or indoors without flash. If you’re shooting outdoors, avoid looking into the sun because you will, most likely, squint. If you’re shooting indoors, avoid places that are directly lit by a lamp or natural light, choose places with the soft [...]

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28. May, 2015

Why is the design of the Facebook cover photo so important?

When Facebook introduced the timeline, one of drastic redesign was the cover photo of the user profile, which was later became a standard for the business pages. In short, the cover photo represents a broad visual header of profile or page, which users can select as desired and thus present themselves on Facebook in a visually interesting and appealing way. Some will say: “So what? It’s just image. “However, when you choosing the cover photo you should approach to it prudently, especially in the case of corporate site.

Until recently, Facebook pages applied stricter rules regarding to cover photo, so that it should not have to mention information such as the [...]

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