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23. February, 2017

Free University Degree Online If You Are On a Budget !

Free university degree online is completely possible and if you are keen, you can do it in no time. Nowadays to obtain University degree all, you need is a pile of cash and a lot of free. Let’s do not talk about the debt left behind. After all the only positive memory, you might get is the endless parties. There is simply, no guarantee for a job after graduation.

HSBC’s 2016 report shows, in the US alone the average tuition fees estimated to be $33,215.

I have decided to go Online and assemble my own Degree. Because, becoming a digital online genius will cost me $0.

The only straight idea in my head was to get my Free University Degree Online, the [...]

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26. July, 2016

Artificial intelligence inside our mobile phones

Artificial intelligence on mobile phones has entered the daily routine of people.The question we should ask ourselves is which one of them could be our best virtual assistant ? It is true that digital assistants have been around already around for decades. Some of you perhaps remember the irritating assistant created by Microsoft word named  Clippy, this was back in 1997.

However today this is a whole another story. Digital assistants are being installed in our lives with the purchase of mobile. Whether that would be Cortana (Microsoft), Google Now by Android platform or Siri by iPhone, they are all very advanced assistants. The virtual assistance can remind you or [...]

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