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27. January, 2016

How To Perfect Your Vine Strategy

Vine, a platform that has thousands of videos playing 6-7 seconds on loop, has taken over virtual world with over 40 million estimated users and more then 100 million unique viewings for each month.

It was founded in 2012, and it was actually Twitter’s purchase. I think this is one of most fun and exciting developments from Twitter since Instagram app. I like to call it the Instagram of video. You can share the recorded videos on other social media websites. Recording is easy, and those 6-7 seconds videos are perfect relation to GIF’s or meme’s. Users are sharing more then 8,500 videos every minute, this platform has so much potential. Vine is for sure [...]

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11. November, 2015

How To Create the Perfect Instagram Video

It’s easy to make a Instagram video. But, make it memorable not so much. Here are some tips and tricks to produce a video that will impress others

What you need to know about the video for Instagram?

If you’ve never met with making Instagram video, it is important to know how you can record video which is long from 3 to 15 seconds, in one piece or several shorter separate recordings in the series. It is similar to Vine, but it offers a variety of filters and the ability to delete and add scenes. There is no automatic looping (repeating video).

Video capture is easy – instead of blue (with which you take a picture), tap the button for the video [...]

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10. November, 2015

Anatomy of the Perfect Profile Photo

Profile photo is what will leave a first impression of you on the social networks. It does affect how people perceive your online presence. So do not be embarrassed to invest some effort for the better profile pic. Follow these 5 simple rules that we prepared for you and also check out the infographic below for the perfect profile photo.

Good light Photographers recommend to take a picture at the outdoors or indoors without flash. If you’re shooting outdoors, avoid looking into the sun because you will, most likely, squint. If you’re shooting indoors, avoid places that are directly lit by a lamp or natural light, choose places with the soft [...]

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5. November, 2015

The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram Ad

Why do you need Instagram Ad?

Community of Instagram has 400 million users, who daily upload more than 80 million photos and video content. Instagram users follows others private profiles but also brands too… Most of the users of Instagram are younger age group. If your brand, service or product is mainly designed for the younger population, Instagram is the perfect place to advertise. Power Editor on Insagram provides you with detailed insight into user demographics, their interests and their behavior. In this way, users can be segmented according to different characteristics, so we’re talking about very targeted advertising.

When you registering a new profile, [...]

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