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11. January, 2016

Payoneer Account – An Excellent Solution For Freelancers

To help you understand the freelance economy and set a rate that is appropriate for their skills, education and experience, Payoneer surveyed over 23,000 freelancers worldwide to help professionals grow their business. Take a look at the video below which shows the survey results:

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a fairly well-known “online wallet” that issues MasterCard with which you receive an account in a foreign bank. Payonner has been working for over 10 years, was founded by prominent bankers and to this day is considered as one of the most secure payment methods.

What exactly Payoneer does?

It is easier to receive payments from abroad in [...]

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22. July, 2015

How To Start a Freelance Career

The labor market situation has become more uncertain than ever and has consequently launched a demand growth of non-traditional forms of labor relations. This increased the number of freelancers or people who working as independent professionals. Being a freelancer means to be self-employed worker who is not a long time tied to a specific employer, and at the same time can be temporarily bound for several of them. This mode is usually adopted by people who after getting fired fail can’t find another steady job. However, many freelancers willingly chose to be free from the traditional mode because they realize that by their own skills they can earn more money than to work for [...]

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27. April, 2015

The Payoneer Freelancer Income Survey 2015

Surely you’ve heard from a friend or through the Internet the term freelancer. But, have you asked yourself who are actually freelancers, how they are different from other workers? Keyword freelancer freely translated should have meaning free associates for an online business, that is, the person who performs certain business tasks for a physical person, company or institution and that doing so is not employed by that employer.

What is the main advantage of freelancing is that freelancers independently organize their working hours and duties that will make during this time period. This means that a freelancer can work at any time of the day, from confort of his home, and [...]

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