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8. June, 2016

Creating the Perfect “Contact Us” Page

Your contact page on website could simply break or make those conversions from visitors. For big number of companies contact page is just something that is perceived as ” elephant in the room ”. But, when you see from various analytics that this part of website is one of most visited, you’ll change your mind. It could happen that someone had a nice experience on your website until he get to the contact page, and then it all goes down the rabbit hole since that page failed to attract that click, which means your future customer is quite possibly gone forever.  At its core, the goal of contact page is to attract customer to your business while at the same time [...]

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4. January, 2016

Google On Page ranking factors

If you don’t do Google On Page SEO right then all the other stuff (including Off Page SEO too) is simply not worth doing. On Page SEO is one of the most important parts of Google’s algorithm and it simply has to be done right. And to do it right you have to know which factors can bring positive and which factors can bring negative impact to ranking so you can easily avoid them.

When you look at all that Google On Page SEO means it looks pretty hard to but it actually isn’t and one of the basic things you have to do is simply to write content to readers and not to think too much about SEO. That will attract more visitors, your content could easily go viral and it is the [...]

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4. January, 2016

Google Off Page ranking factors

If you are here and reading this article then you probably understand what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is. But do you know what Off Page and On Page SEO are? In this article I will explain Off-Page SEO.

This is actually one of three articles about SEO optimization. I recommend reading “SEO Survival Factors” first, and then read this article before moving on to “Google On Page ranking factors”.

Let’s start from the very beginning and just briefly explain SEO. SEO is a technique of optimizing some website for different search engines. With SEO you are able to increase the popularity of your website, ranking of your site and therefore increase number of visitors. Just [...]

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29. October, 2015

Keys for optimizing landing page

Do you know what a landing page is? And how important it can be for your business? If you don’t know then it is time for you to learn it because if you make a good and optimized landing page your business could improve significantly. To learn how to make an optimized landing page you must first realize exactly what it is and what the benefits of it are. Landing page can be defined as a page on website that allows visitors to enter some of their information into form included on that page. Landing pages are a great solution for some campaigns for collecting subscribers and similar stuff. They are also a fantastic way to convert a simple traffic to leads and money. Most of companies [...]

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