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19. January, 2016

16 Most Useful Search Engine Optimization Tips

In this article we’ll provide you a few tips to make your website search engine optimization safe and according to Google rules. By now you’ve probably already encountered several times on blogs and sites that provide various SEO tips. Although Google seems a bit confusing and hard to understand sometimes, we will show you some tricks that we believe will never be obsolete. Google is increasingly began to build his own algorithm because of which many websites lost turnover and were penalized overnight, so to avoid this scenario you should respect some of golden rules that should always be used.

One thing is very important to keep in mind, and that is that Google [...]

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20. October, 2015

Top 10 Free SEO Tools For Site Optimization

Google is the world’s favorite search engine, and it stands out because it is trying to find the best sites to search. The content of your website is the most important factor in improving SEO ranking. When you write a content on the web page, keywords you choose are critical. Keywords are extremely important for SEO (search engine optimization for the Internet). With the ever-present need for the keywords, there are many tools which in its description claim that it will do keyword research better than their competitors. One of the hardest things about keyword research is the detection of relevant keywords.

There [...]

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9. July, 2015

7 Steps for Successful App Store Optimization (ASO)

Based on research, the apps with keywords in the title are ranked on average 10.3% higher than those without them. With more than two million mobile applications in the largest online markets and shops, one of the biggest problems publishers and authors are faced today is finding / noticing the app in store by the user. First of all, it is important to understand that there are various methods for advertising applications. One of the most important techniques that most people continue to overlook is the App Store Optimization or ASO. Once you create a mobile application, the job is nowhere near over, because the ultimate goal is to introduce app to potential users, as most [...]

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6. July, 2015

3 Step SEO Optimization Routine For Less Pain & More Gain

Seo optimization means optimizing your website for Internet search engines. SEO is a set of strategies to be implemented in order to better positioning of your website on the interne. For example, on the Google search engine a potential customer when searching your services can more easily come to you and your offer. The result of good SEO optimization are more visitors on your website and bigger possibility for greater earnings. This type of internet marketing is (after applying on your page) completely free. The only thing that requires is daily working on the website.

What are the essential items of SEO optimization?

One of the most important things about SEO is a content [...]

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