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18. April, 2016

How To Create The Perfect Password

You know the drill, for each new account you have to think of secured new password. The first 2 things that people discover when creating perfect password is that they are really bad at being random and their memory can be very terrible. People in general don’t like to deal with complex problems, and same goes when creating password, as of 2016 the most common password created is still just ” 123456 ”. Just don’t do this. Hackers will exploit it by using dictionary attack. When you create password first of all, go for length. Best type of passwords are at least 8 characters long, the shorter your password, the easier is for hackers to crack it. Use any [...]

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15. April, 2015

10 Online Security Facts which will suprise you – infographic

We can all agree that Internet is thing that greatly facilitates life. Saves us time while performing everyday tasks, and makes communication practically free. However, online security is still a problem. The vast opportunities offered to us equally extend to those who do not have quite as good intentions. To someone broke into the computer and pick up passwords must first get into your network. It is not too difficult if the attacker is persistent, and the network is protected by some weaker protocol or a simple password.

How to choose a password?

To improve online security, first thing to deal with is your own password. With a good password (at least a dozen characters with [...]

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