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21. March, 2016

The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Guide

Facebook has probably become one of most powerful platforms for advertising on web. Many people will say that advertising on Facebook is not a good idea, but that’s not correct. If money is being lost with Facebook advertising why are there more then 1 million Facebook advertisers that are spending huge $8 billion dollars on ads? There has to be a good reason since Facebook advertising¬†has grown almost a whopping 700% since the year 2010. I think the numbers are telling clearly, more and more businesses are advertising on Facebook. Growth is happening and for the most simple reason, advertising on Facebook is working. There are almost 2 billion people using Facebook [...]

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4. December, 2014

Social timing in online marketing [infographic]

Did you ever wonder what day and at what time is best to send the newsletter, publish a blog article, write status on the Facebook profile or share something on Twitter? The good thing about the whole story in online business is that it is all very measurable and based on the statistics, so we can easily make some conclusions.

There is no basic rule for “social timing” , because it all depends on what kind of business you’re in, what is your market and who are your users / customers. Our advice is that for some time simply test your online promotion, and this article should help you and give some initial ideas and guidelines.

Online Marketing (Internet [...]

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