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2. May, 2016

Be Careful What You Post On Internet

At a time when more and more people have a profile on one of the social networks, the Internet for many employers is becoming an important source of information about current or prospective employees. As the most visited and most common social network in the world, Facebook is the first to be hit by employers. If your privacy settings are not set to “hide” a profile of the public, the employer can easily see personal information, photos, comments or areas of interest of the person. In many cases, what they see affects the decision on the (un) employment. So, ask yourself: “Should I post this?”.

What you post on Internet?

A large number of data [...]

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8. April, 2016

How To Master The Digital First Impression

First impression is always lasting in people’s minds. This is not just a saying anymore. Neurobiology studies have actually proven this. Employers just need around 3 seconds to decide whether they like you or don’t. So it’s essential for you to make a good presence online, so no one can doubt you. In today’s digital age it’s very important what you say, how you look and behave, as those are tools vital for job application. Several years ago, most of the impressions for jobs were formed through connections in real world, often times through the handshakes. So the first impression was gained face to face, and later on someone could learn about [...]

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