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21. June, 2016

The Office 1986 vs 2016

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The design of office changed so much over the years. Office design can increase or decrease satisfaction of worker and productivity depending on how the office looks. Over last 30 years offices accommodated social and technological advances. The classic cubic style will probably soon go to total extinction. What workers are now expecting to see is much space for collaboration, conversation, better overall lightning, like ergonomic stations for work. It’s not enough to have an office that is perceived as just being functional. This will not attract and engage workers for their tasks. Today, offices that are eco-friendly , [...]

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6. May, 2016

How To Create Well Organized Home Office

Whether you’re working full time at home or just doing some important things on computer, having home office is really nice. One of best benefits of having that kind of office is the total freedom to design and decorate the home by your wishes. Doesn’t matter if you call your office a curse or blessing, what is sure is that your productivity and mood are going to be effective depending how you set it all up. You know the saying that cluttered house will give you cluttered mind, same goes for the office. If it’s disorganized it will be the source of mind blocks to new solutions and ideas. There are some ideas you could use in order to improve the overall [...]

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19. November, 2015

How To Be A PowerPoint Power User

Using presentation software is something most of us have at least done a couple of times – be it at school, in your job or even at home. There are many practical ways that PowerPoint can be used to our advantage however not all of us are entirely clued up on the software as we could be.

Adam Maidment
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14. September, 2015

7 Essential Excel Tricks Every Office Worker Needs to Know

Nowadays, it is essential for office and IT workers to have a common understanding of spreadsheet software like Excel if they want to get by in their job. 

Adam Maidment
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