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31. December, 2017

How to Design the Perfect Home Office Place In 2018

In his article Exploring the Hottest Office Design Trends of 2018, Zack Sterkenberg insists the importance of having an office which “enhances the performance of those who work within its walls.” Even though he was trying to offer his advice to businesses, it would not hurt to borrow some of his ideas for your home office. Regardless of whether you conduct serious business in your home office or you simply use it to organize personal things like your schedule, it is essential to design an office to your satisfaction. While most people go for a simple metal desk and an old chair, you should not adopt this trend. Borrowing from Zack’s ideas, you need to ensure you have an office which [...]

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21. June, 2016

The Office 1986 vs 2016

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The design of office changed so much over the years. Office design can increase or decrease satisfaction of worker and productivity depending on how the office looks. Over last 30 years offices accommodated social and technological advances. The classic cubic style will probably soon go to total extinction. What workers are now expecting to see is much space for collaboration, conversation, better overall lightning, like ergonomic stations for work. It’s not enough to have an office that is perceived as just being functional. This will not attract and engage workers for their tasks. Today, offices that are eco-friendly , [...]

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