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11. July, 2017

How to start a blog and become an authority author?

These days blogging is one of the most important aspects of marketing, particularly content marketing. It is a large industry with many interested parties, and they all want one thing-highest reach on the market. In order to achieve this, content creators need to make a name for themselves, and that requires a lot of effort. If you are even considering to start a blog, there is a lot you need to know just to get started. Lucky for you, that is our topic for today. In this article, we are going to go through everything you need to do in order to start a blog and begin making a name for yourself.

Starting a blog 101 NICHE

What do you want to blog about? You may think [...]

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20. June, 2016

How To Find Profitable Niche For Your Online Business

You are probably struggling with building your own online business, but know that you’re not alone. Most people are struggling. To be honest right in the beginning, if you are not focused on serving people who want to pay you, or if you can’t pick the right niche, there’s a high chance your idea will fail. One of biggest reasons why people are failing is because they don’t have realistic expectations. They never stop for a second and think if people will actually be interested to pay them for doing what they do. You are probably following your passion but always keep your mind on the problems of people, and think how you can solve them. So, why should [...]

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