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14. January, 2016

Does Ecommerce Need Live Chat?

There are a number of reasons why you should chat with your customers through live chat. We are going to emphasize four of them and for the rest, take a look at infographic below.

With Live Chat you are immediately at your service

When someone can’t find something in “ordinary” shop with the four walls, floor and ceiling, first thing they do is look for employee for help. – Excuse me, do have more of these biscuits, but with the vanilla filling? – A question that someone will ask the first salesperson that they see in local supermarket when the shelf of their favorite cookie jar is empty. Then they expect the immediately response whether cookies [...]

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29. December, 2015

7 Facts You Need to Know Before You Start an E-Commerce Business

If you do not already have your own e-commerce business and offer our products and services is still not online, you’re missing the possibility of a significant improvement of your business. The process of buying of modern consumers today begins with reviewing and comparing offers and prices on-line, and constantly growing number of purchases are made exclusively through web stores.

E-commerce allows the placement of different products and services. Whether you are a small start-up in the beginning or veteran in the business, it is important to adapt to the new way of buying and searching offers. Today it is possible to find an excellent e-commerce business solutions [...]

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7. December, 2015

10 Things You Need to Know About Logo Design

Company logo is the first thing that customers will notice! Here are some tips on how to make one:


First, decide how you will use the logo – for the company, service or product, and whether you will use the name and icon or just the name. Avoid using just icon unless your company already has an image.


To stimulate your creativity, compile a list of existing logos and bundle them into competitive, industrial, those you like and those you do not like. After you finish the list, save it. yAgain, the view on Check this list again when you are finished with the design to see the way in which you apart from the competition.

Design in black and [...]
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1. December, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About Supercomputers

All the chances are that an average PC user may have never heard about supercomputers. But no big deal because these aren’t meant for gaming and social network exploiting, but for complicated task management and performance. These technology monsters are made of many processors and operated by scientists, therefore they are located in the most respectable laboratory facilities. Take a look:

One of the things they are particularly good at is creating simulations and models of somewhat abstract environments and situations. Systems and processes that are not that easy to understand, invisible and based on theories can be embodied in supercomputer’s models, [...]

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