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15. January, 2016

Travel Gadgets You Must Have

Technology is developing rapidly and there currently there are lots of gadgets that can make your life easier but maybe you didn’t hear about them yet. One of the areas where gadgets can be extremely helpful is travelling. You can take lots of gadgets with you when you go on some trip but here are some gadgets that really shouldn’t be forgotten.

Plan V Smartphone Charger

Every time you leave your home you are probably bringing a smartphone with you. But what to do when the battery runs out? You can’t carry traditional charger everywhere you go. And that’s exactly why you should buy and always carry Plan V smartphone charger. It is easy to use. Simply connect the [...]

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10. December, 2015

21 Must Have Social Media Tools Every Marketer Needs

Social networks have been for several years the most effective way to acquire new customers – generate clicks and create visibility, and that is what every entrepreneur wants today as a first and essential step towards success. While it is relatively easy to lead one or two user accounts of your client (not necessarily), but what occurs when a quality community manager take three, four or more clients who demand to keep Facebook and Twitter? And Instagram. And Google+. And LinkedIn. And Tumblr. And Pinterest. Maybe you got the main idea where we’re going.  The Internet is loaded with a variety of social media tools that can facilitate the work and add many values that [...]

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