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19. February, 2016

The Evolution Of The Batmobile

Batmobile could well be one of most iconic vehicles that ever appeared in movies. Even though you can recognize car for its unique style and model, there have been many variations through the years. If you watched first movies of Batman you can remember it looked somewhat like standard Cadillac and later on started to transform into something that looks like a tank that’s worth of billions in terms of being equipped with fire powers and gadgets. Every version of bat mobile was really unique with its own set of functions and weapons. First Batman made an appearance on screen 75 years ago. Batmobile is Batman’s most powerful and known weapon and its first appearance [...]

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2. March, 2014

Infographic – Oscar Predictions 2014

The 2014 Oscar nominees are ranked based on how many tweets it generated. Awesome Oscar infographic by TheWrap. Ahead of this weekend’s Oscars ceremony, global communications company “Way To Blue” analyzed tweets referencing the 2014 Oscar nominees in the biggest Oscar categories from February 21 to February 27. Company counted not only how many Twitter users were tweeting each nominee, but who the public wants to win in each category — referred to below infographic as “Desire To Win.”


Infographic templates optimized for social networks, promotions and products. Including build-in social design and add-ons, such as social icons, fonts and [...]

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2. February, 2014

Oscars Infographic 2014 – Movies Nominated for Best picture

86th Academy Awards – Movies Nominated for Best picture

Every year, film industry professionals and movie fans around the world held their breath and  waiting for the moment when Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will announce Oscar winners. Oscars award ceremony is just around the corner and whole internet is buzzing about it. Predictions and movie critics opinions are the main discussion theme of media magazines and news papers. Recently, 2014 Oscars nominees  has been announced and we finally know, which movies are nominated for Best picture. No, this time  we won’t make any predictions. We will leave this task for the  film critics and movie [...]

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