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2. February, 2014

Oscars Infographic 2014 – Movies Nominated for Best picture

86th Academy Awards – Movies Nominated for Best picture

Every year, film industry professionals and movie fans around the world held their breath and  waiting for the moment when Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will announce Oscar winners. Oscars award ceremony is just around the corner and whole internet is buzzing about it. Predictions and movie critics opinions are the main discussion theme of media magazines and news papers. Recently, 2014 Oscars nominees  has been announced and we finally know, which movies are nominated for Best picture. No, this time  we won’t make any predictions. We will leave this task for the  film critics and movie [...]

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17. January, 2014

The Wolf Of Wall Street Infographic

GIF Infographic – “The Wolf Of Wall Street”

Candidate to 5 Academy Award nominations as announced yesterday, Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf Of Wall Street” sky-rocking box offices with $100+ million domestic.Film is available worldwide , and for those who haven’t seen yet we would recommend to do so.Designer from Belgium Tom Muller and marketing company Glass Eye put together the Run With The Wolf campaign to help Universal Pictures International get the word out. It’s pretty clever stuff, with an animated infographic detailing Jordan Belfort’s various wheelings and dealings. Infographic is really unique and very well designed. [...]

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