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22. March, 2014

Best Infographic Template of 2014 for Infographic Design Beginners

We live in the age of the visual information. A visual data presentation – known as infographic, made with a tools such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Keynote or MS Powerpoint, is a powerful marketing tool. Infographics can be instantly distributed and inscribed into a social network as any other type of image. Infographic have changed aspects of graphic design, visual information, promotion and marketing. Infographic is fun to watch, easy to share and promote. There are many free online tools allowing people to create infographics. But unfortunately most of the tools offering limited design,fonts or color options. Some of those free online tools are using build-in [...]

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22. September, 2013

12 Video Infographics Created by Google

Google Infographics

Google is one of the most powerful and influential companies in the world. Whenever they are launching a new product it will always be more or less successful. I have collected couple of video infographics created by Google. Whether you are beginner or professional graphic designer, it’s always good to see how product infographic presentations are created by most powerful companies such as Google. By watching these video infographics you might also discover Google products you didn’t know about.

Have you looked at Blogger lately?

Introducing the +1 Button

Google Consumer Surveys

Introducing Google eBooks

Inside [...]
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8. August, 2013

List of Premium Infographic and Motion Graphics Templates

Motion Graphics and Infographics templates might be very handy when you are starting your new project. Ready and out of the box templates can save you heaps of time. You can focus on your business and spend more time on marketing strategy. In our previous article we have covered Top 5 infographic templates for PowerPoint.Today we will review some of the most creative, easy to edit and ready to use motion graphics templates. Within a few edit clicks, you can have your very own infographics video.

Flat Infographics Pack (50 elements)

After Apple introduced iOS 7, Flat UI design has been most talked about trends in web and user interface design this year. Flat Infographics Pack [...]

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