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17. December, 2015

2015 Review: The most important moments on Facebook and Twitter

2015 is about to end, so we decided collect 2015 review videos made by Facebook and Twitter with the most important moments in order to be remembered. So this December Facebook and Twitter announced the annual top list of topics that are discussed and which marked 2015. Looking at the list of topics that have resulted in the highest number of releases will be difficult to put a smile on our face, perhaps only an occasional tear.

In addition to a number of social issues, on Facebook we could in 2015 read posts and watch images of war and natural disasters, terrorist attacks and refugee crises. As they themselves have indicated, this is certainly one of the saddest years since [...]

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30. November, 2015

Most popular search engine in 2015

In order to surf the Internet you have to rely on a certain type of a travel guide, a software system designed to search and manage information on the web – a search engine. To an average user a search engine is almost like a synonym to the Internet itself. So which search engines are at the top of the popularity list?

This year’s statistics show that the ultimate champion among search engines is, quite expectedly, Google. 66% of desktop users make their queries through Google, while Bing and Yahoo both have a score of 9% of all users. As for tablets and mobile devices, Google demonstrates absolute domination with 92% of users.

Using search engines to find [...]

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16. October, 2015

Most Popular Programming Languages in 2015

We often meet with the question what is the best programming language. Anyone who thought at least a little about this, realizes that there is no easy and definitive answer. However, analysis  made by sites for employment and salaries of programmers, may to some extent create an image which programming languages ​​are at the very top of the list of required programming languages.

Also, we all wonder which programming language we should learn first. Unfortunately, again, on this issue no one knows absolutely correct answer. If you are a developer, then it might be even more difficult to determine because there are so many things to compare. Which programming language you should [...]

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2. October, 2015

The Science Behind The Most Popular Infographics

People love to see images. People are visual creatures. And this is backed by research. Bloggers from HubSpot came across the fact that 40 percent of people more response to visual content that is offered to them than the text. And what’s the best visual content? Infographic. Statistics show that those who published infographic in his media recorded 12 percent more traffic than those who do not publish.

Each infographic has to look attractive and contain ‘pure’ design and readable typeface. Each reader must be able to analyze and understand the presented data. Infographics can be on any subject: time, marketing or the environment, and include graphs, [...]

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