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29. October, 2016

Smartphones Reviews Best Recommended 2016

We have gathered some smartphones reviews over the past months which made a lot of noise. The smartphone industry is projected to expand by 10 percent in 2016 with more than 15 billion already sold, yet one and only of those deals is vital to you. We help you select your new smartphone, out of the best phones available in 2016.

The smartphones reviews selection criterion is based ease of use, quality, and design, value, features, and performance. The majority of phones available run on the latest Marshmallow Android version operating system plus the iOS 10.01 already rolled out with the iPhone 7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (One of the best smartphone reviews of the [...]
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3. February, 2016

Which Is The Best Mobile Platform?

When people are buying a new mobile phone, their usual question is, to which mobile platform should they put their money towards. Choosing your new OS is a much harder choice then it looks on the first. The biggest decision is to choose from Windows, Iphone or Android smartphone. Truth is, they all have their weaknesses and strength but any of these platforms can serve you well, depending on your needs.

Apple is always among most priced phones on the market. It costs around $200 dollars with contract on 2 years, and if you want it without contract you will pay $650 dollars. This means Iphone is not for everyone. Honestly it’s just a brand that you are paying first, [...]

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21. January, 2016

The Science Behind Mobile Gaming Addiction

In today’s age of innovations you could probably notice that almost every second person on the street has a smartphone. I think this is a major problem in society. Despite the fact that technology brought us closer it also distanced people in some way. I could notice people on coffee not talking to each other but each of them was typing on their own smartphone. Just look at how much has changed in 8 years. Smartphones are definitely killing the memories, because people are now so obsessed capturing moments. People are slowly starting to forger to immerse themselves in what they’re doing.

Since I was a kid, I was always playing games. I could not wait to get [...]

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23. December, 2015

Mobile App Advertisement for Beginners

There is a long way from the initial idea through tedious coding, interface design, alpha and beta testing to final product. However, at the end of the road, another is waiting for you, because it is not enough just to set up the application in the App Store or Google Play. How to ensure that the application reaches the end user?

The number of mobile applications today is so big that it’s indeed a very difficult job to get to the user to download the application. Without mobile app advertisement, unless you already have a large community of users, you will not go far. It is necessary to advertise your mobile app on Google or Facebook, targeted precisely to the people you [...]

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