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8. June, 2017

What You Need To Accept Credit Cards Checklist

Accepting credit cards is one of the easiest ways to grow a successful business. When you allow your customers to pay with plastic, you benefit from:

Fast and convenient payments Global reach (especially when selling online) Advanced fraud protection (if you choose the right processor)


And arguably most important, credit card acceptance is what your customers want.


According to researchers, 80 percent of American shoppers cite credit and debit cards as their preferred method of payment. Cash is no longer king, and paper-based checks are quickly falling out of favor.


Not only do customers prefer using plastic, [...]

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5. July, 2016

The Evolution Of Mobile Payments

It is predicted that by the end of this year, there will be almost 5 billion individuals who are using their mobile phones. A recent study reported that 40% of all users in America were making their mobile payments last year. This is 14% more than in 2014 and I think that by the time of next year it can grow up to 70%. Because of this big growth and also the future potential that smartphones are presenting I think we can look forward to see startups and industry of mobile payments evolving even further in order to meet the ever growing user demands. In order to properly understand how this industry is going to grow we need to understand evolution of mobile payments as well as [...]

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