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1. June, 2016

Aspirations For Mobile Marketing In 2016

Going mobile is the big thing now. It is much more than just a simple trend among the people. It’s almost like a crucial shift changing how we use internet. If you are an owner of company or business you simply can’t ignore this fact in front of your eyes and just wait doing nothing. Mobile devices have a big effect on how we work, play, socialize and even live. We use them for GPS, ordering food, entertainment, cameras and much more. Who would have thought that once this ” brick ” would transform into being one of crucial parts of our lifestyle. But, every technology or device changes, and so do the methods of marketing. Last year, the usage of mobile [...]

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5. June, 2014

Millenials Infographic : Online Shopping Facts and Statistics

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest online shopping trends, this millenials infographic fits perfectly with other research that’s been done on millennials’ financial savviness and online behavior. A lot of this is influenced by growing usage of technology in our daily life: smartphones, tablets, wearables and other smart devices. The average college graduate now enters the job market owing about $30,000—just under the $34,500 average salary that someone with an undergraduate degree makes right out of college. (Which, by the way, is the lowest starting pay since 1998 according to Economic Policy Institute). So, how these young people (birth years ranging from the early 1980s [...]

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31. May, 2014

Infographic – Women Dominate The Social Media

It’s a universal truth that that men are from Mars and women are from Venus . It’s undeniable fact that gender influence human behavor. Social media is no exception. This time we will try to analyze how men and women use social media and mobile platforms. As infographics shows, men and women do it very differently to each other. Study after study has shown this to be the case ever since platforms such as Facebook and Twitter first opened their doors – but what exactly are these differences, and how does this impact advertising and mobile use? Check out the detailed infographics below for an absolute wealth of facts, figures and statistics, many of which could be very useful for [...]

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6. January, 2014

Mobile Marketing Infographic – Mobile Shopping Trends and Statistics 2014

Mobile internet usage is growing extremely fast. Each year, we see large percentage in mobile audience increasement. There is no sign, that mobile growing will slow down. Today we are presenting mobile marketing infographic and mobile shopping trends for 2014. Mobile Marketing facts and statistics has been collected and published buy most reliable source – Google. We have collected all data into one single mobile marketing infographic.So how do people shop for mobile phones?

Smartphone First

Before purchasing new smartphone, most people are looking for a high speed and flexibility. Mobile Infographic shows, that fastest-rising consideration shapers are [...]

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