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28. June, 2017

Angular 2 Components The 27 Most Useful Examples Available

It is for some time now that mobile devices are taking over the market in front of PCs and other devices. The time when mobile web design depended on desktop solutions is all but over. With market turning towards mobile apps it is evident that web design is turning in the same direction. Google did not wait long to develop a JavaScript framework that would fit mobile web developers like a glove. Now, there is almost no web developer that does not enjoy using Angular 2 framework. This is the reason why we decided to present you with 27 Angular 2 components that will make your job as a web developer much easier.

Angular 2 Components List Material Design

Developed by [...]

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26. May, 2017

How To Develop A User-Friendly Mobile App That Will Make The Cut?

So, you have built a mobile-friendly app, and you think that it will satisfy your users? If you haven’t paid attention to the aspect of usability, then you are wrong. A good user experience is essential. There is more people than you would think who make this mistake. If the user gets lost using your app, can’t make use of most of its functions unless they go for the paid version, or encounter it inexplicably crashing all the time, then you have not done a good job. In this article we are going to discuss some of the tips on how to develop an app that is truly user-friendly.

Making sure it’s compatible with the device and user-friendly

It goes without saying that your [...]

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