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28. June, 2017

Angular 2 Components The 27 Most Useful Examples Available

It is for some time now that mobile devices are taking over the market in front of PCs and other devices. The time when mobile web design depended on desktop solutions is all but over. With market turning towards mobile apps it is evident that web design is turning in the same direction. Google did not wait long to develop a JavaScript framework that would fit mobile web developers like a glove. Now, there is almost no web developer that does not enjoy using Angular 2 framework. This is the reason why we decided to present you with 27 Angular 2 components that will make your job as a web developer much easier.

Angular 2 Components List Material Design

Developed by [...]

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6. July, 2016

The History Of Apps

Everyone loves mobile apps. Whether it is popular mobile game or business app. But what is mobile application exactly? In the most basic way it’s computer program designed, developed and generated to run on smartphones, tablets, iPhones and other mobile devices. The whole world has accepted the fact that with apps we can get the most out of smartphones. With that being said, it’s interesting to trace the history of app development. If you go back in time, not long ago all that was perceived in the category of apps were calculator, monthly calendar and Java games. But, the first smart phone was created in 1993 by IBM. It was equipped with features such as world [...]

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23. May, 2016

Apps of the Future

If you own a smartphone, you probably tried big number of different apps. You may also be one of users that is lot into tech stuff so you also spend hours writing and reading about apps at the same time trying to see how you will organize them on home screen of your phone. While you’re probably very familiar with apps you’re using to organize your daily schedule and get more easily through the day, you really have no idea what of those apps and if any at all will you still use 10 or more year from now. This leads me to very interesting question. What type of apps are we going to be able to download in the near future? It’s very interesting to see trends now, [...]

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11. April, 2016

CASHe – The Cash Giving App

So what is all the buzz about this app? Imagine that you have special event, your wallet is out of money and salary from job still days away. CASHe is solution for your problem. It’s application that lets you loan money. But, is it really that easy and how it all works? It’s not really complicated process at all. First you register the downloaded app through your LinkedIn or Facebook profile. After that you need to send few of the documents in jpg format. You will need photo identity proof, latest slip from salary, proof of your permanent address, current photograph and the latest statement from your bank account where it shows your salary credit. CASHe will also [...]

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