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25. September, 2015

Image Formats Mega Cheat Sheet

There is no  universal image format that is the best for all scenarios. Every type of image format has their own advantages and disadvantages. Many of us are wondering which of the image formats should use to record the pictures that we take. The correct setting of this parameters depends mostly on what the purpose of the image that you need to process and store.

Image formats can be divided into two categories: raster and vector.

Raster Image Formats

Raster formats are those that display video data using a matrix of picture elements – pixels. Grid has a width and height in pixels, and these are the dimensions of the raster matrix. For each element of the matrix [...]

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12. February, 2015

Information Graphics Mega Packs for Download

Infographics (information graphics) are our favorite topic. Just because they are so visually beautiful, clear and modern. A well-designed infographic is always nice to see.. Infographics allow faster reading, saves space and looks good.

For what can be used information graphics?

simplifies complex data or processes ” heavy ” information is converted into innovative content that attracts attention is useful for sharing on social networks, thus replacing the bare text messages has a greater significance for the algorithms that determine what we will find in the search engines and social networks

Many companies underestimate the power of infographics, giving [...]

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