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9. December, 2015

Social Media Facts 2015

Social networks are now reinforced their positions so well, that we have the top 5 most popular which does not change through years. However many vary by levels of use in different countries and demographic.

Social networks are growing up. Although it seems as if it were yesterday, Facebook exists for 11 years. It soon becomes a teenager of social networks, but it is still a leader among them.

Google has tried with its platform Google +, but unfortunately created a social network that few marketers understand too seriously. The problem lies in the fact that social networks in the past year diligently worked on the principle of “pay, and work.” Another trend [...]

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2. December, 2015

The Business of Social Media

Social media have changed or significantly undermined some old business models but created numerous new opportunities. The change is particularly evident in the “traditional” media and a number of technology companies are created and thrive because of social networks. In the industry of consumer goods are extremely changed modes of communication, marketing, operation of customer service and product placement. All these functions can be partly perform through social media.

The most successful campaigns today are precisely integrated campaigns that actively involves consumers and intensive use of social meadia. Social networks can allow you to boost short-term [...]

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23. November, 2015

The Media In The Lives Of Teens & Tweens

We are all well aware of the fact that new generations rely on the media to great extent in many aspects of their lives. Before were libraries now there are websites, coffee shops and diners are now replaced with chat rooms and social networks while art and live debate is being held at bay by video streams and imposing television. In this day and age it’s possible to do everything from a distance, from studying, meeting with friends or family, to shopping and food ordering. Let’s look into some numbers as to the use of media by tweens (8-12 years olds) and teens (13-18 years olds) in average American up-to-date society.

Teenagers nowadays develop multitasking abilities, maybe [...]

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19. November, 2015

Expanding Business with Social Media

Does the presence of your business on social media networks get you anything? It’s really not enough just to have an account on some popular network and publish something. Social media networks should serve as a great way to expand your business. How? Keep reading to find out.

If you succeed in creating a good presence of your business with social media than you will see what it can bring you. You will be able to get more customers, build the presence and popularity of your brand, improve SEO optimization of your website and best of all, social media marketing is pretty cheap. The first thing you need to do is to pick social media network that is right for you. You can [...]

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