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5. February, 2016

2016 Social Media Checklist for Businesses

Originally created for fun and informal communication, social media largely started to be used for promotion and successful management of a large number of companies. It represent an excellent ground on which companies can create, promote and strengthen brands. As the online business develops, a number of social networks from year to year rises, more and more companies employ community managers who transfer their business and successfully run it on these platforms. Thus, social media have become an indispensable marketing and promotional tool for a successful business.

To be successful in online communities, the choice of social networks on which will be promoted products or [...]

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21. January, 2016

Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Did you know that there are a number of useful and very cool social media keyboard shortcuts with which you can very easily make a whole range of things, much faster and easier than to do them “manually”? Surely you would like to work on PC in a simpler and faster way. This method often involves a reduced use of a mouse, and the increased use of the keyboard when performing some operations on your social media. What is keyboard shortcut? It is a key combo that links up with a specific command that would otherwise be accessible through a menu via a click of a mouse button.

Every day we spend hours in front of computers. When we’re not at work, we’re checking [...]

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29. December, 2015

5 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2016

We can expect a very interesting year for the social media marketing. New forms of communication, advertising, new technological solutions, and many interesting features, waiting to take advantage of their full potential.

For next year’s is predicted the growth of advertising on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), especially video advertising. The new options and new tools will be available for more accurate advertising, and targeting of the target user group. In addition, new forms of publishing content on social networks could reduce the cost of communication, which could lead to an increase in competition, or an increase in the presence of the [...]

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10. December, 2015

21 Must Have Social Media Tools Every Marketer Needs

Social networks have been for several years the most effective way to acquire new customers – generate clicks and create visibility, and that is what every entrepreneur wants today as a first and essential step towards success. While it is relatively easy to lead one or two user accounts of your client (not necessarily), but what occurs when a quality community manager take three, four or more clients who demand to keep Facebook and Twitter? And Instagram. And Google+. And LinkedIn. And Tumblr. And Pinterest. Maybe you got the main idea where we’re going.  The Internet is loaded with a variety of social media tools that can facilitate the work and add many values that [...]

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