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20. July, 2015

Material design principles


What is Material Design?

Did you know that new version of Google Android OS named Lollipop was introduced with codename Android L? And it was actually the first complete introduction of Material Design. Have you ever wondered what Material Design UI is?

Some people will say that it is just change of Android OS looks so it could look modern and clear. But, it is not correct. Material Design UI is a whole set of rules and guidelines to make mobile software work right, no matter of Android device that is running that OS. This new designer language is based on the possibility for users to receive information on natural way just like they do with physical [...]

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6. July, 2015

A Guide to Material Design

When Google presented a new version of its operating system codenamed Android L, the main mantra was Material Design. Have you ever wondered what is Material Design UI? We bring you a guide to material design.

Material Design UI is not just a cosmetic change in the appearance of Android system, which includes a clean layout and typography and different interface. It is a set of rules and guidelines how mobile software should work, and no matter in which device is Android running. The new design language is based on the philosophy that users receive notification in a natural way as with physical objects and to understand the technology they use every day.

Material design [...]

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