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19. September, 2016

Information technology skills on demand in the modern workplace

In the present job market scenario, the necessary IT skills should not be left to job applicants seeking positions in the IT department. Nowadays, employers everywhere prefer tech-savvy individuals. Individuals who can keep at par with the constantly and quickly changing technology. Effectively to take up the non-tech related jobs. What that means is that strong skill sets and technology backgrounds will be needed. In order for candidates to stay competitive. In most functional areas be it in sales, marketing, administrative, creative or any other non-IT area.

Christopher Justice, Chief marketing officer (CMO) at Magnolia content management system (CMS) provider, said: “Tech [...]

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13. September, 2016

Page SEO Tips that Work in 2016-Read Now

On-Page SEO

Some people feel SEO means “Something Extremely Obscure.” Well, that is not true. SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. It is a certain technique which enables your web pages to rank high as possible various on SERPs (search engine result pages) like Google/ Yahoo/Bing/ etc. SEO is split up into two sections: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO refers to acts that you perform on your website so that it ranks higher like headline page titles, Meta tags, descriptions & internal linking, etc. Off-Page SEO refers to things that you do on your website so that it ranks higher like article submission, blog marketing social networking, & [...]

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30. June, 2016

Marketing Statistics For 2016

As we are already half in year 2016, it is interesting to see how marketing is changing, and also see in what direction we are heading toward the next year. With that being said, it’s really amazing how fast things can change in just 1 year, and last year was no different. The past year was all about visual content importance that was occurring in almost every big social network including Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. It is no secret that many times marketing can be really overwhelming. For marketers online it’s a tough challenge to stay up to date and execute their plans in the upcoming months. In order to keep up with ever changing pace of trends, lets take [...]

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27. June, 2016

Are You Choosing The Right Explainer Video?

People love to see videos explaining something, so they can inform themselves on various subjects whether it’s recruiting new workers, studying the black hole mechanics or finding out how to tie a tie. However, the real question is, do you know what you’re looking for when creating explainer video for your company or business? So what is actually the term explainer video? Those type of videos are bringing our attention and focus to making subject or idea much more easy to understand. A greatly constructed explainer video could mean all the difference between having frustrated customers and the ones that do understand what you’re doing. It is estimated that [...]

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