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30. October, 2017

Top 4 Startup Mistakes that Will Destroy Your Business

Startup mistakes are very common for the inexperienced people. However, that should not be a reason for you to give up on your dreams. Depending on which country you are located, the first place, I would go is the Chamber of Commerce.

They have highly qualified staff ready to answer your question. I would prepare the list of question before hand. I would recommend to start with the market research before anything else.

The aim of this article is to give you an idea, what are the most common mistakes. Even though we know about them, yet we still make similar mistakes.


Building A Product or Service Nobody Wants

One of the first very common [...]

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14. May, 2017

Public Relations Objectives and Their Function Within Organisations

Public Relations (PR) is the main backbone of the communications function. This part seeks to establish, build and maintain good relations with the public. Some of that public group includes: The consumers, legislators and other stakeholders.

Nowadays the public relations are used not only in the brand building strategy but also to influence the perception and attitude of the nation. (PR) is used in the government and no-for-profit organisations

The main rule for the (PR) is: “Do something good and then talk about it”.

As you can imagine every politician uses their own specifically designed public relations marketing campaign. This usually comes in the form of something [...]

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10. May, 2017

How to do attention getting consumer promotions?

Attention getting consumer promotions are usually applied by the companies stimulating interest in the publicity. These tactics are common for the big companies and usually are part of their marketing strategy.

Nowadays, to be able to get to the consumer’s attention it will require something more than just amazing product. However, there are few strategies to continuously grab your customer’s attention.


Contest and Sweeptakes:


We are all familiar with this method and it is very simple. The magic behind this strategy is to encourage the consumers to take an action. What does that actually mean?

What does usually happen when a new TV [...]

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18. May, 2016

Emoji Marketing – Are We Speaking the Same Language?

Visual content is in, boring, plain text is totally out. An average adults have less then couple of minutes for attention span. Humans are processing information of a visual nature 60,000 times more faster then plain text. Human brain is simply wired for understanding images. In the early days of Internet, messages were getting out by text, and that was the best method. Today we get various information almost five times as much as we did 30 years ago. Did you know that 63% of social networks are made out from images? Marketers have so much creative opportunities from this. One of the huge visual trends that  is taking the marketing world by storm is emoji.

If you have [...]

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